Overcoming Perfectionism

Posted on June 1st, 2012

One of the hardest parts about being a perfectionist is that you never end up getting anything done.  Sure it is nice to want to be the best at everything you do and to do the best job that you possibly can, but becoming a perfectionist is not the answer.


When you are a perfectionist you can focus so much on trying to be perfect that you never finish your projects.  In the end if you don’t finish your projects you won’t see any of the rewards in the long term anyways.


All this asks the question, how can you deal with your perfectionism?


One way is to realize there is no such thing as perfection.  The only thing you can do is to just do your best and hopefully it all turns out ok. When you focus on doing the best you can do and then learning from it you will actually be able to accomplish more things.  You may even get better at what it is you are doing because you are learning from it all the time.


Perfection isn’t something that you can accomplish, but you can get better at something.  The only way to do that is to try new things and make mistakes.  The more projects you take on and the more you finish the better off you will be.


Finally remember that sometimes the most beautiful things in the world have some imperfection to them.  It allows for growth, new thinking, and reminds us that being human isn’t about creating something that will stand around forever, but about creating something that will help mankind evolve and find the next new thing.


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